Integrating development technologies of multiple platforms, and providing application development service of good quality and high efficiency.


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More thhan five mainstream services provided


A technology development team of more than 500 people


Research & Development Technology Patents aquired


More than 1600 enterprises are using softwares developed by Antiphon

Top Service Team

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Xiao Lian
Product director
Ye Shike
Senior Product Manger
Wang Haohao
Senior Product Manger
Leung Kangyi
Senior Product Manger
Lin Jianfeng
Senior Product Manger
Wu Wei
Sales Director
Zhou Xinglin
Games Development Director
Huang Xijin
Technical Director
Zeng Hao
Senior PHP Technical Manager
Qin Pan
Senior IOS Technical Manager
Lei Xiaoxing
Android Senior Technical Manager
Lei Zhiren
Senior Unity 3D Technical Supervisor
Leung Zhangbiao
Senior PHP Development Engineer
Leung Shuxing
Senior PHP Development Engineer
He Mingkang
Senior IOS Development Engineer
Zhong Zhiwen
Senior U3D Development Engineer
Li Zhirong
Senior JAVA Development Engineer
Shao Xiaogang
Senior cocos 2dx Development Engineer
Chigan Kaiqiang
Senior Android Development Engineer
Chen Yipeng
Senior Web Front-end Engineer
Huang Shuman
Senior Flash Animation Engineer
Ou Zifei
Senior Unity 3D Development Engineer
Hu Xiaoli
Senior Designer
He Hongmei
Senior Designer
Antiphon has five departments and five management service centers: Game Programming Department、Software Department、E-commerce Department、Financial Business Department、Comprehensive Department, Strategic Development Centre、Financial Management Centre、Administrative Centre、Operation Management Centre、Customer Service Centre. Our team is constituted by top R&D engineers, investment experts, marketing elites, government senior consultants, etc. Some of them used to serve in Baidu, 360, Tencent, Xiaomi, Samsung, Alibaba, Kindee, Bank of China, Citibank, ICGoldman Sachs and other well-known enterprises.