Antiphon has dozens of large development platforms and 600+ on-line projects.
Projects include chess with room cards, mobile phone games, and MMOG .The whole game development process is fully and
independently in charged by our game development division.

DESCRIPTIONWith over 20+ years of game development experience , Antiphon can help clients develop different kinds of games, and offer operation resources and platform construction. We provide good solutions according to the local culture and create games with exclusive local characteristics, such as chess, Mahjong, fishing, and room cards games, etc.

Super Big 2

very dynamic and exciting game
Big 2 is a popular poker game, with rules easy to learn. Each player for himself, but it need to cooperate with each other as much as possible to achieve the greatest benefit. The relationship between the enemy and ourselves is rapidly changing.

Red Dragon Mahjong

A popular Mahjong in Hunan Province
In the Red Dragon Mahjong, the Red Dragon serves as the rascal that can be changed to any card. The players can get the Jiangma after winning the game. It is easier to learn, more exciting and technical.

3D Fishing

An amazing fishing experience
Fantistic fishing game with multiple weapon functions! Ten thousands of cannons! A lot of gold! Easy to shot fishes!

Custom H5 Game Development on Wechat platform

Custom Game Development on Wechat platform
Custom Game Development of Wechat/ HTML5 Games, Custom Mini-games/ Interactive Games

Stickman Dismount 3

Enjoy the exciting moment
Click on the item to kill all stickmen in the shopping mall, make it look like an accidentally! Finish them as fast as you can and do not let anyone escape!

Candy Block Puzzle Blitz

The more rows you eliminate at one time, the more score you will be granted.
An addictive, easy to learn game that will have your mind bending and your fingers flying. Drop blocks in order to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally