• Android App

    Original Code DevelopmentCustom Funtion DevelopmentCovering ends of Android phone, tablet, TV.Applied to mainstream Android system versions in marketLaunching fast on mainstream application stores in domestic and international markets.Overall tests on more than 400 real machines for cool compatibility
  • IOS App

    Original Code Programming Customerized Funtion DevelopmentApplied to systems of IOS 7, IOS8, IOS9 or IOS10Applied to iphone 4 to iPhone7 plusApplied to Ipad and all other tabletsReleasing quickly in the exclusive channel of App Store
  • WeChat

    Wechat Applet, Wechat Enterprise Application DevelopmentWechat Public Account Development ( Service Account , Subscription Account ) Customizable Multistage Distribution in Wechat MallWeChat and APP cross-platform synchronous development Available for Viral Marketing to attact fans.
  • HTML5

    Cross-platform Development LanguageUI of 4A LevelA page that can show all selling points to convert page views into business quickly.Available for Viral Marketing to attact fans.

    20 years of experience in enterprise website constructionSynchronous Development of PC and Mobilephone WebsitesExpert of SEM search engine optimizationUI of 4A LevelSolutions for all the products, such as website, E-commerce, Social Network, Web Games.
  • We also can...

    Games DevelopmentE-mall DevelopmentSolutionsCases

Why Us

  • Rich Experience

    We are the leading company with 19 years of experience in the field of IT development.
  • Profession

    Being professional is the key for us to provide high quality service, short development circle and products of rare BUG.
  • Strength

    One to One Senior expert consulting, help you to dig the real market demands.
  • Cost-effective

    We offer the most cost-effective service for you. The same quality, but lower price!
  • Upload Accurately

    Uploading to Apple and Android stores and providing the operational plan to help you develop customers. All of these service are free.
  • Care for You

    All year around. 7*24 hours after-sales service allows you to run your products without worries.

Antiphon knows what your APP needs.

  • Appearance

    Impressing users with a high-quality UI interface.
  • Interface

    Allowing users to get started with a suitable layout and operation habits that are comfortable for customers.
  • Smooth

    Making the users feel good with a smooth and interactive interface.
  • Volume

    A senior engineer knows how to optimize codes. With the same funtions, the App developed by Antiphon will occupy smaller capacity that attracts the users to download and install.
  • Funtion

    Planning the funtions reasonably.
  • Stabilization

    No BUG. Fluent Operation. Stablization is the what Antiphon attaches the greatest importance to.
  • Profit Mode

    Senior consultants with rich professional experience help you design your own business model.
  • Financing

    The capital is the vitality of a product. We can help you free of charge pitch to the domestic and foreign well-known venture investment institutions.
  • Operation &

    Uploading to Apple and Android stores for free. Antiphon will offer you a customerized promotion solutions, and help you expose your product to the largest extent.
  • Selling Points

    Only the outstanding features can allow the users to find you more easily. Antiphon can offer you advertising advices.
Antiphon App Development Team

Antiphon After-sales Services

Antiphon Value-added Service

  • Uploading to
    the Application Stores

    Uploading for free to Apple and Android Stores.
  • Payment

    Providing gateways like Alipay, WeChat payment, Unionpay, Tenpay,Baidu wallet, Quick Money,etc. Dozens of third-party payment gateways allow you to receive money easily.
  • Marketing

    Senior business consultant team support you on plans of product and marketing
  • Operational Plan

    Providing reasonable and cost-effective servers, operational plans to guarantee network data security and scalability.
  • Operation &

    Antiphon integrats all kinds of on-line and offline mainstream medias and marketing platforms in China, supporting the promotion of your App in a faster and cheaper way.
  • Financing

    Providing clients with roadshow opportunities to well-know venture investment institutions, helping customers to solve the problem of development capital.